Annette Dragon

Annette Dragon (1998)

Annette Dragon (1998)

Artist Statement: I moved to Portland in 1990, began work in a camera store, and started  shooting  for the local gay paper Our Paper in 1991. My first self-assignment was to cover the ACT UP March on Kennebunkport, a national protest on the government’s lack of an AIDS policy. That day was also my first date with a new lover. The combination of photography, sex and politics was indescribably powerful.  Soon, she became a key activist in ACT UP/Portland.  My own association with and documentation of the group inspired my thinking, and influenced my whole life. The 1990’s were an opportunity to cover Maine’s queer activism in all its creative, confrontational glory.  To this end, I also co-founded the queer monthly APEX, which had much more radical content than the other local choices out there.

With a camera I have the power to stop time and provide proof. We were there.

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All photographs from the Future of the Past: Reviving the Queer Archives exhibition were taken by Annette Dragon and are housed in the Gay and Lesbian Collection of the Jean Byers Sampson Center for Diverstiy at the University of Southern Maine.   These photos have also appeared in a previous smaller exhibition organized by Annette titled ACT UP/FIGHT BACK! TAKE PICTURES.